Mermaid Tails

rainbow mermaid tail

Doll Mermaid Tails

mermaid tail for American girl doll

Mouse Ears

ruffled mermaid tail

swimmable mermaid tail

Mermaid tails are fun for swimming, dress-up, and bathtub play. Swimming in a mermaid tail is great exercise, too! My tails are hand-made with care. Although all fabrics will wear with use and chlorine exposure, I choose fabrics that have been tested to wear well.


Mystic Cove Mermaid tails are all fabric (nylon-spandex) and can be used with or without a monofin. The bottom is partially open to allow mermaids to walk in their tails or for easy insertion of the monofin. I also make tails with a foam insert that keep their shape without a monofin, mermaid dresses, skirts, doll tails and mouse ears!